is your favorite online wine rack just a click away. Life has to be fun, and the fun has to continue and we are ready to replenish your stocks quickly. – is a unique project on the market of specialized stores in Switzerland, being a middle solution, with high quality products, in the retail offer between specialized stores like boutique and general markets. Therefore, we have a mission to eliminate confusion about your choice and bring you good wines.

We are a group of friends which became a family. You know, the guys who dream big, watch planes, drive cars, ride bikes and sometimes fly balloons… even we would like to pilot a boat! You know, all that good stuff.

From the moment we started we were planning to sell 1 million bottles and so far we are pretty awesome and determined to do it. It is always an honour to receive any recognition for the work we do here at YourWineShop, through your comments, but to be independently appreciated is extra special for us.

Why we are selling wine

In simple terms, we think life should be enjoyed and fun.
And wine should be no different, everyday!

We know that it is not easy finding that perfect bottle, especially when you’re faced with uncountable restaurant lists, obscure wine labels and fully-filled supermarket shelves. So we are on a mission to take you from the confusion, to tell it straight to you, and take you to the good and exclusive stuff.

All free* delivered straight to your door (Geneva Canton), with a money back guarantee we take this mission very seriously.

*from 6 bottles.